Trout & Dolly Varden

Catch and release Trout & Dolly Varden Fishing

The Kenai River is home to a thriving population of large, resident Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden. Kenai River rainbows survive on a diverse diet, including aquatic insects, salmon eggs and flesh, as well as smaller prey fish. With many different food sources, Trout fishing stays productive all year on the Kenai. These hungry Rainbows will sip dry flies off of the surface, gobble up eggs, flesh and nymphs, and thrash big streamers that cross their path. This diversity lends the angler the opportunity to choose from a variety of techniques while trout fishing. At Lakeview Outfitters, targeting rainbows on the fly is our specialty and favorite pastime. We Love to share our passion and enthusiasm for this fishery with our clients and other anglers. Our guides excel at teaching single hand techniques for dry fly fishing, European style nymphing, indicator fishing, as well as two handed Spey and Skagit casting. With so many ways to approach the river, we have the ability to customize our floats to fit the needs of any angler at any skill level. If there is something particular you have in mind, be sure to let us know when booking, so we can tailor your float to meet your goals. A day spent floating the Kenai with us is all about having fun, in a beautifully scenic environment, with lots of opportunities to fish great water!

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Catch and release Steelhead Fishing

What is it about Steelhead that makes them so special? The answer to this question is unique to each angler. to many anglers, Steelhead conjur an image of wildness, and freedom. They are an iconic sport fish throughout the Pacific Northwest. The Kenai peninsula is one of the remaining strongholds for truly wild Steelhead. We have strict conservation laws in place to protect them, for good reason. With genetics untarnished by hatchery programs, and lots of habitat that hasn’t been destroyed by agriculture and dams and the advance of “progress”, these fisheries are truly something to protect. We have rivers that bring home wild Steelhead, in good numbers consistently, every year. Steelhead are very dear to us at LVO, we love to share our time steelhead fishing with the right clients. That’s about all we’re going to say on the matter for now. If you are interested in a day of steelhead fishing with us, please call to set up your interview.

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