At Lakeview Outfitters, we are working to raise the bar in the fly fishing industry. We carry essential tackle and equipment for fishing our local waters, without any extra fluff. The items that we carry, we have used for years, guiding Kenai Peninsula rivers and lakes. We have scoured the fly fishing industry to bring you the absolute best gear, and specialize in carrying items that you cant find anywhere else in the state! Custom, locally tied flies that are proven to hit fish, quality terminal tackle that wont let you down when that big fish eats, and expert knowledge and advise. We are working to raise awareness about conservation efforts,  proper fish handling, and catch and release practices, and the importance of reducing our impact on the ecosystem. We consider conservation first in all decisions in our shop, from carrying only barbless flies, to providing effective alternatives to lead weights and anchors, and running our shop completely on clean solar energy.