Salmon Fishing

So you’ve come to Alaska and would like to catch some salmon? We’ve got you covered! The Kenai river and surrounding waters support legendary runs of salmon and Lakeview Outfitters has the gear and the know how to get you into the fish. We keep up with the runs in season to know where the fishing is best, can get you to the spot and provide quality instruction to get you dialed in and fishing effectively. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standard while processing your catch, as if it were our own. When that fillet hits your table you will know the difference. 

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon are known for their prolific runs, tremendous fighting ability and delicious fillets. Many Alaskans favor Sockeye over other salmon because of their deep red, firm fillets. Once hooked a Sockeye will typically explode in an acrobatic aerial display, before breaking off on a powerful run.  This is a very popular fishery with locals and visitors alike. Not to worry though, we’ve got some tricks up our sleeves to make sure you get prime water, away from the crowds. Our clients consistently return all smiles, exhausted from doing battle, with a bit of meat to take home. Sockeye fishing is all about catching fish, camaraderie on the river, and enjoying the beautiful setting of the turquoise waters and surrounding mountains.

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Silver (coho) Salmon

Silvers Salmon make for a truly wonderful sport fish! Their Aggressive nature gives them a predisposition to hammer big flies. We typically target silvers by stripping streamers through back eddy sloughs, or swinging them in the current. Silver Salmon offer some great opportunities to break out the two-hander for some spey/skagit style casting. With some exceptions, Silver fishing is most productive in the morning and evening when the sun is off the water. We often put together combo trips for our clients, consisting of a few hours of coho fishing mixed with some catch and release trout fishing. Coho average couple pounds larger than sockeye, and the higher fat content of their meat gives it a bit more flavor and helps keep the fillet moist and tender while cooking. Come find out for yourself what makes these fish so special!

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