Positive Angling Ethics and Practices

At Lakeview Outfitters, we are working to raise the bar in the fly fishing industry. We carry essential tackle and equipment for fishing our local waters, without any extra fluff. The items that we carry, we have used for years, guiding Kenai Peninsula rivers and lakes. We have scoured the fly fishing industry to bring you the absolute best gear, and specialize in carrying items that you cant find anywhere else in the state! Custom, locally tied flies that are proven to hit fish, quality terminal tackle that wont let you down when that big fish eats, and expert knowledge and advise. We are working to raise awareness about conservation efforts,  proper fish handling, and catch and release practices, and the importance of reducing our impact on the ecosystem. We consider conservation first in all decisions in our shop, from carrying only barbless flies, to providing effective alternatives to lead weights and anchors, and running our shop completely on clean solar energy.

Lakeview Outfitters | Get The Lead Out Campaign

Our "Get The Lead Out" Campaign:

The Kenai River sees a lot of lead fishing weights and anchors every year. Weights snag and break off in the river, anchors shed lead every time they are used, and are sometimes lost completely to the river. At  Lakeview Outfitters, we have sourced non-toxic tungsten alternatives to lead. Tungsten fishing weights, a clean alternative to lead weights, actually work better because of their faster sink rate. We also manufacture and sell steel cased “animal” anchors, which don’t shed lead when used, stop your boat faster, so you don’t tear up the river bottom and outlast traditional lead anchors by years. Stop by the shop, or give us a call to check out some of these products.

Barbless Or Bust!

It is the responsibility of any catch and release angler to take every possible measure to protect their catch, and release them unharmed. The first step a C&R angler can take is to fish with a barbless hook. This simple step results in less stress and handling time, reduces injury from hook extraction and gives the fish a higher chance of survival. Barbless hooks also penetrate easier, resulting in more hook-ups than barbed hooks.  At Lakeview Outfitters, all of the flies that we sell are barbless, or pre-pinched for your convenience. These flies are guide select, and proven to work well!

Lakeview Outfitters | Go Barbless | Safe Fishing Practices
Lakeview Outfitters | Alaskan Bald Eagles, Bears, Moose & Wildlife

Stream Watch Volunteer Program

In an effort to give back to the waters that give us so much, we are actively involved in the Stream Watch Ambassador program, which coordinates volunteer efforts on Kenai Peninsula streams. A day of volunteering usually consists of time spent cleaning up trash in and around our rivers, maintaining fencing to protect critical habitat and educating visitors about fishing regulations, bear safety and more. This is time well spent, investing in the future of our rivers and meeting great people, we have a lot of fun with it! if you are interested in becoming a Stream Watch ambassador, visit http://kenaiwatershed.org/community-outreach/stream-watch/# and get involved!


Lakeview Outfitters has partnered with Ethical Angler. Ethical Angler’s mission is to promote good stewardship, conservation and angling awareness within the fishing community. Their goal is to spread the word on why it is so important to fish responsibly. They strive to better educate all anglers on the principles, practices and procedures of being an Ethical Angler. Every angler should not only know the basics of fishing but have the knowledge of how to fish ethically. Their hopes and dreams are to have the entire fishing population practice the code of ethical angling. Go Check Them Out!